Sunil K V joined the Department of English at Sacred Heart College, thevara, in 2011 as an Assistant Professor. He received his masters in English Language and Literature from St Joseph’s College, Devagiri and completed B.Ed in English from St. Joseph’s College, Mannanam. Since 2019 he has been pursuing his Doctoral Research in Life Writing under Dr. K M Johnson. He has completed a minor research project on Spearheding the Natives’ Struggles: Emancipatory Trends in Post Colonial African Poetry. He has been handling courses which include Indian Writing in English, Modernism in Context, Modes of Fiction and Modern European Fiction for Post Graduate students along with core as well as common course papers for U G classes. He is offering an elective course in Modern European Fiction for Post Graduate students. He is also a certified trainer of BEC and ASAP.

His areas of interest includes Disability Studies, African Studies, Indian Writing and European Fiction.